Yard Waste Collection

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September 26, 2016 3:37 PM

S Leb Twp Yard Waste Collection is now completed for Spring 2018.

S Leb Twp Branch/Yard Waste Collection will continue until all streets in the Township have been visited. Each street will only be visited once by the loader and once by the smaller truck. The crew will collect up to a Pickup-Truck-Bed-Sized load from each residence. To ensure that no damage occurs to the equipment or to your property, make sure there is no harmful debris mixed with the yard waste, such as rocks, metal or concrete, and place your pile of yard waste on the street at the edge of your property. The crew will not enter your property to retrieve yard waste. Loose ornamental grasses should be tied in bundles. Loose small items such as pine needles may be bagged.

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