Public Works

Public Works covers a wide variety of township responsibilities.  Much of this work is performed by the Highway crew, which keeps them quite busy.

The purpose of recycling is to keep reusable items from the waste stream and taking up space in the landfill.  Most items are collected curbside by either your refuse hauler or our highway crew.  We have provided drop-off sites for Christmas trees, used ink cartridges, old cell phones, phone books and cardboard which are not collected curbside. (A few haulers do collect the cardboard curbside.)  Click on the link to the left for details regarding items to recycle.

Maintenance of streets is another public works responsibility.  Road paving and patching, line painting, sign repair, mowing along highways, maintaining guide rails, clearing and maintaining drainage pipes, street sweeping and snow plowing are  among the responsibilities under street maintenance.

Maintaining the sewer and stormwater systems falls under the heading of public works.  The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining these systems, but we all can help to maintain the stormwater system.  Click on the link to the left for more information on stormwater and ways property owners can help.

Waste Hauler Directory
In South Lebanon Township residents can choose their own waste hauler. Here is a link to Greater Lebanon Refuse Authorities website ( which lists all the authorized haulers in Lebanon County.