1. Administration

    View the responsibilities of the Administration Department along with information on the Township budget, permits, sewer billing, taxes

  2. Township Ordinances

    Links to various ordinances

  3. Code Enforcement

  4. Fire Department

    Find important information on the South Lebanon Township Fire Department.

  5. Economic Development

    Find information on the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corp.

  6. Township Finances

    Information on the budget, taxes and pension disclosures.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    View parks and recreational activities that are offered by the Township Parks and Recreation Department.

  8. Planning & Zoning

    Browse zoning maps and other important information regarding planning and zoning.

  9. Police Department

    View important information about the South Lebanon Township Police Department.

  10. Public Information & Communications

    Information on publications and public information

  11. Public Works

    View information on Recycling, street maintenance, stormwater management.

  12. Other Government Offices

    Contact information for other Government offices that you might find useful.

  13. Sewer Information

    Explanation of sewer bill, and Property Owner Request To Bill Agent form