Township Ordinances

  • Basketball Apparatus - For the safety of the residents of the Township, the Supervisors passed an ordinance in 1995 which prohibits the placement of basketball apparatus along Township road rights-of-way.  The ordinance also prohibits playing basketball on the streets of the Township. Anyone violating the ordinance could be fined a maximum of $25.00 per incident.
  • Burning - A new burning ordinance was adopted in the township that prohibits burning except for properties zoned agricultural and the items being burned are from normal farming operations.  The use of outdoor barbecue equipment or stoves used for cooking, wood or coal stoves for recreational purposes provided the fuel used is dried wood or coal, torches to provide illumination or repel insects and campfires for recreational purposes provided the fuel used is dried wood, they do not exceed 27 cubic feet in area and they are properly confined, supervised and extinguished are allowed.  Recreational fires may not be set, started or maintained between 11 PM and 10 AM.  Recreational fires may not be set, started or maintained when weather or atmospheric conditions such as fog, drizzle or dampness will make the fire or its smoke hazardous or offensive to human life or property.  The entire ordinance can be accessed by clicking  here

  • Fences - Beginning April 29, 2015, the Supervisors have requested Lebanon County Planning Department to issue Building Permits for all fences to comply with Section 13.07 of the Township Zoning Ordinance.  Call Lebanon County Planning with any questions at 228-4444.
  • Fireworks - Read FAQ regarding the new (2017) State Law regarding fireworks here. Basically, consumers over the age of 18 may now purchase Class C fireworks, must have permission of the property owner to ignite or discharge fireworks, and must be 150 feet from any occupied structure to ignite or discharge fireworks. 
  • Motor Vehicles - According to Ordinance #278, all motor vehicles or trailers, must have a valid license plate and current state inspection to be parked or stored on any property or along any public street.  The only exceptions are if the vehicle is in a completely enclosed building or any properly approved junk yard.  All major recreational equipment must be parked or stored in a carport, enclosed building, in a rear yard or on that portion of a driveway not within the road right-of-way.  Recreational equipment may be parked along public streets for a period of time not to exceed 24 hrs. for the purposes of loading or unloading.


In October, 1991, the Supervisors passed an ordinance prohibiting the repair and maintenance of any vehicles on any street, road or alley located within the township.

  • Noise - It is illegal to cause loud noise in such a way or with such volume as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort and repose of residents in the township between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. 
  • Pets - For complete information about the keeping of pets, please read Ordinance 149. Here is a summary:  Dogs, cats, domesticated or non-domesticated animals or fowl (non-intensive animal husbandry depends on the zoning of your property - see the Zoning Ordinance below) shall be kept securely tied or penned in an enclosure in such a manner that the animal cannot break loose and run at large over the streets or upon property of anyone other than the owner unless accompanied by and under the immediate control of the owner, custodian or keeper.  While traveling on streets, alleys or public grounds of the Township, such animals shall be kept on a leash.  No person shall allow any such animals confined on their property to make any loud or harsh noise or disturbance which will interfere with or deprive the peace, quiet, rest or sleep of any person in the neighborhood.  No person shall allow any such animal owned by him or under his control to defile or desecrate any sidewalk, streets, public ground, public park or the property of another within the Township.
  • Recycling - It is mandatory for all residents and businesses in the township to recycle.  Click here to read the township Ordinance and here for the Resolution.  Call the Township Recycling Coordinator if you have any questions.
  • Stormwater -View the Stormwater Management Fee Rate Study from  February 2018 (Do not use the credit application or appeal form from this document)            -Stormwater Management Ordinance                                         - Stormwater Credit Manual and Application                    -Stormwater Appeal Form and Instructions                           
  • Subdivision - The Subdivision Ordinance is available here.                                            - Flood Plain Management for Subdivisions Ordinance                               - Additions and Changes to the Subdivision Ordinance     More Amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance  
  • Weeds/Grass - According to current Township ordinance, all grass and weeds must be kept to a height of 6 inches of less.  Citations may be issued to violatorsThe full ordinance can be read here.
  • Zoning - Click here for the Zoning Ordinance and this link for the Zoning Map