Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning regulations are implemented to protect, maintain, and develop an attractive, safe, and healthy environment. Primary functions address property development and land use activities occurring in the township.
The Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board and Lebanon County Planning Department provide direction and leadership in implementing the goals, objectives, and policies of the township as adopted by the Board of Supervisors.
Planning and Zoning are intended to aid in the orderly development of the township.  The Township Manager oversees the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning code, design review and approval and works closely with County Planning personnel on zoning issues.

 How We Can Help
The township is divided into various zoning districts. For each zoning district, there is a list of uses that are permitted. When looking for a place to building a home or start/relocate your business, it is important to make sure the zoning on the site allows the proposed use. Refer to the township Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance for details. 

​Cornwall-Lebanon Regional Comprehensive Plan

Click here for the Cornwall-Lebanon Comprehensive Plan adopted in July 2013.